:::: Useful Websites

 PocketCloud to connect your PC to your handheld Android Device pocketcloud.com

 DosPrn dosprn.com (Scheme does not work with DosPrn version 1.80. Please use version 1.79. Use this link to download ver 1.79 dosprn.com/special/dosprn179.exe)

 Pdf Creator pdfforge.org or Cute Pdf Writer cutepdf.com/Products/CutePDF/writer.asp

 Invoice Watermark a-pdf.com/watermark/index.htm

 SCAC Code Index at iconnect-corp.com/resources.html#scac or call National Motor Freight, (703) 838-1810.

 Free EDI Editor at liaison.com/products/integrate/edi-notepad

 Free FTP/S Software from MoveIT Freely at www.stdnet.com or Coreftp at www.coreftp.com/download.html

You can check your EDI mailboxes at these websites:Inovis- Inovisworks.net/css (877) 446 6847. Sterling Commerce- mailbox.cvg.stercomm.com/DocTrack web3. GXS/GE- support.gxsolc.com (800) 334 2255. QRS- deas.qrs.com .

You can view and edit your QRS UPC catalog at qrsonline.com/secure_webvendor/login.cfm

You can apply for a UCC Manufacturer Id at GS1 US (formerly called the UCC council) gs1us.org

 Childrens Credit Coop at childrenscreditco-op.com