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07/16/2009: Connect Scheme Desktop PC to Android Phone/Device: 

Install a product called 'Pocketcloud' from Wyse on the Android Device and 'Pocketcloud Windows Companion' on the Desktop PC. You will be able to use Scheme on your handheld device. It has an option to bring up Keyboard, Function Keys (great for Scheme), Mouse Pointer. It is unbelievable.

02/01/2007: Vista Versions: As per Walter S. Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal: 

 A) Home: 1) Home Basic 2) Home Premium 3) Home Ultimate.       Home Premium, is the one most consumers will want. It contains the full Aero interface, and it includes the functionality of Windows Media Center and Windows Tablet edition, which have been discontinued as separate products. It will come preloaded on most midrange and some high-end consumer PCs. The other main consumer edition of Vista is the stripped-down version, called Home Basic. It includes the improved security and search but leaves out the new Aero interface and the Media Center and Tablet functions. It will be preloaded on low-price PCs. A third version, called Ultimate, will wrap up everything in Home Premium with some additional features from the business versions of Vista. This is for power users, and it is likely to be preloaded on high-end PCs. But some regular users may need Vista Ultimate if their companies have particular network configurations that make it impossible to connect to the company network from home with Home Basic or Home Premium.                  

 B) Business: 1) Vista Business 2) Vista Enterprise 3) Vista Ultimate.                 There are three versions of Vista with features aimed at businesses. One, called Vista Business, is for small businesses. It includes some business features, like comprehensive backup and more sophisticated networking, but omits some consumer features, such as Media Center and DVD Maker. Another, called Vista Enterprise, is for deployment by information-technology departments at large, complex organizations. It also lacks key consumer features, but includes features useful to network administrators, such as a capability called BitLocker for encrypting disk drives. The third version, Windows Ultimate, has the small-business features as well as the consumer features omitted from Vista Business. It also includes BitLocker.

01/18/2007: Read Vista Review from the WSJ: http://ptech.wsj.com/archive/ptech-20070118.html

10/11/2005: You can make text appear sharper on the monitor in Windows XP by turning on a hidden feature called 'ClearType'. Just right-click on the desktop and select 'Properties'. Then, select the tab called 'Appearance' and press the 'Effects...' button. In the screen that appears, check the box reading "Use the following method to smooth edges of screen fonts", and select 'ClearType' in the dropdown list. Next, click on 'OK' and then press 'Apply'. This is available only in Windows XP, not in older versions of Windows.

10/14/2005: Traveling and need to connect from a remote location?. Working from another location and need to connect to your computer?. Before you leave goto LogMeIn.COM and issue an invitation to a remote user to access your system. Remember your account/email and password and you can login in from any internet browser. The standard edition (which does not include file transfer and remote printing after the 30 day trial period) is free and that is all you need.